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How Does Gainesville Discount Furniture Sell These Items So Inexpensively? Is it Low Quality?

Gainesville Discount Furniture buys many direct truckload buys from NAME BRAND, trusted manufacturers. We also buy up some overstock & discontinued items from various factories and distributors. These products-- bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, mattresses, etc-- are some of the same products sold in national, big chain retail furniture & mattress stores. Our wholesale prices, however, are much lower than those of many retailer's. Combined with a low overhead operating structure, we are able to clear out these items out at 30%-80% off what they would normally retail for in quality stores. All of our items come with full manufacturer warranty and come in the original packaging. Many customers are amazed at the quality for the price. It is the same level of quality as traditional High-Quality Home Furnishing stores. Simply put--Gainesville Discount Furniture buys our products at a lower price and sells our products at a much lower price than any Furniture/Mattress store or competitor.


I've never heard of Gainesville Discount Furniture. Who are you?

We are a family owned & operated company in business in Gainesville, Florida since 2000 when the owner first opened up shop, while in grad school. We have grown our business quickly with a commitment to high-quality products, low pricing, quick delivery times, and great customer service.  We have sold to more than 100,000 customers & are considered by many of our patrons as "Gainesville's Best Kept Secret". We have a 16,000 sq. ft. Inventory Center on the southwest side of Gainesville close to Archer Road and I-75 for warehousing and distribution. We occassionally open this facility to the public during select "Warehouse Sales Events" to clear out extra inventory. Click on "Warehouse Sale Events" on the right-hand side to find out more about our Warehouse Sales.


The furniture I purchased was slightly damaged What should I do? OR  I am assembling my furniture set and cannot find a part- If it is missing what shall I do? OR How do I start a warranty claim?

Rarely, but at times furniture can come in with small damage or even missing a part.  You have a warranty with your purchase, so if this happens to you please email us your information so we can process a claim with the manufacturer.  Here is the info we need to start a claim and PLEASE FOLLOW THESE EXACT INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Your name, phone number, and address
2. The model and serial numbers (usually on white sticker or law tag)
3. Picture(s) showing the problem/defect/parts needed.  Please provide a few sentences describing the issue or problem with the furniture.     

The model and serial numbers are very important. This info can be found on the box or on a white sticker attached to the furniture piece usually on the back or bottom (all Ashley Furniture items have both model and serial number on same sticker). You can easily snap a picture of this sticker and attach it to your email to us.  Please send ONE EMAIL with the requested info to us at:

Please make sure to provide us a picture or notate the model number and serial for the exact piece in question (for example- if you have a damaged footboard, do not send a picture of the sticker off of the headboard or rails.  Failure to follow the above directions will delay the claim process.  

Please use the email only.  Sending warranty, damage, or parts info to any other email address will result in an unprocessed warranty claim and your issue will not get resolved.  

We will process the claim and keep you posted on how the manufacturer will proceed with sending the part, replacing or repairing the item so your furniture will look perfect in your home.  (Most claims usually take 2-6 weeks, but in rare instances if we have to wait for a hard to get part, it could take longer).

Do you guys deliver and how much does it cost? What do you charge to setup/assemble Furniture?

Yes, we do deliver and have some of the most afforable rates in town.  When you make your purchase you can ask to get a delivery quote.  Delivery does NOT include setup/assembly.  Most deliveries are $40 to $99 in town.  We can also give you a quote for larger orders and out-of-town deliveries when you come in.   We deliver all over the state of Florida.  If you need your furniture assembled there will be an addtional charge based on the time it takes to assemble. 


I Live in Florida and would like to buy furniture or a mattress from Gainesville Discount Furniture.  How can I come and see the furniture?

We suggest that you check our website for our open to the public Mattress and Furniture Warehouse Sale hours.  We offer delivery, layaway, free storage, financing, and easy purchase options.


I purchased furniture from you and put down a down payment and have not picked it up yet or had it delivered and: I cannot get the furniture anymore.  OR  I need more time to pick it up.  Can you hold it longer or store our furniture at your warehouse? Do you do returns?

We are easy to work with here at Gainesville Discount Furniture.  Although, we do not refund down payments or deposits, we will work with you.  We will also hold the furniture longer and store it (for free) in our warehouse for customers, as long as you let us know in advance.  We do not do returns or cancelations of orders, but if a special case arises and we do grant a return or cancelation, we charge a 40% restocking fee based on the total price of the item(s).  All the item(s) must be in 100% brand new condition in the box/package.  No exceptions.    

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